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Short:Fixed topaz rep. in sizes 5,6,8,10,11,12.
Author:Daniel Westerberg (deniil at
Uploader:Daniel Westerberg (deniil algonet se)
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This is a set of fixed fonts mainly used as topaz replacements.
They come in different sizes:

The 5 font doesn't look like the other sizes. It is desigend for
schematics and such when you want an extremely small font. It's
only readable in low-res, a magnifying glass or printed out on
a high-res (modern) printer.

The other fonts from 6 to 12 are desigend as topaz replacements for
different resolutions.

NOTE: There are two 11 fonts! One 8 pixels wide and one 9 pixels
      wide. The one that is 8 pixels wide looks like the sizes
      6,8,10 fonts. The 9 pixels wide looks like the size 12 font.

      Default in this package is the 11x8 font. To change, just
      rename the '11' as '11x9' and the '11x8' as '11' and
      reboot (if you have opened any of the fonts).

The history: Why did I make these fonts??
Once upon a time I had an Amiga500 with kickstart v1.3. I used
it alot for music and later for programming DOS scripts and
startup-sequences for my pack disks. All that time I was using
the topaz/8 which came in the KS1.3.

Then one day I got myself an Amiga1200 (which I'm still actually
using :)). But there was something that bugged me alot about this
new moster fast machine; the topaz.font. It had become so damn
ugly, completely stiff and boring compared to the KS1.3 topaz.
I just couldn't stand it, so I fired up the good old WB1.3 Fed
and started to create a new font which should look as close to
the KS1.3 topaz as possible.

After a couple of hours Dale.font/8 was born. It didn't look
exactly as the KS1.3 topaz but close enough, still with it's
own distinctive touch. Especially the letter 'D' can be recognized
in any Dale.font as slightly unique.

Time when by and I was happy about my font. But then I saw that
I wanted something more compact for the display of logfiles in
SnoopDos among others. Therefor I took the 8 font and redesigned
it to be a 6 font instead. All was good.

Then all of a sudden I got my first VGA-monitor! Well, the 8 font
was still good and now I could fit twice as much text on the
screen and still be readable as the VGA is so much clearer than
the TV I used before. However, after another bunch of years I
got a BVision. Now I could push the old VGA monitor to it's
maximum, 800x600. Dale/8 now became a bit too small so I had to
make a new size. Dale.font/10 was born.

But not so much later I got a new 17" SVGA monitor. Wow! Now I
could use a WB in 1280x1024. The problem was that the Dale/10
was again a bit too small. I designed Dale/11x8. After a while
I desided that 1280x1024 was a bit much to use on a 17" non-
trinitron monitor so I reverted back to 1152x900. I used this
for many years but got eventually fed up with the fact that
all windows were overlapping so I again went up to 1280.

But now I really needed a new font size. Dale/12 was born.
This time I had to go away from the 8 pixel with because it
was simply too narrow. Therefor I made it 9 pixels wide instead.
I saw however that 12 pixels high wasted too much space. No
point in running 1280 with such a large font. But I also saw
that 9 pixels wide was good so I resesigned the 11 font to be
9 pixels wide instead.

So when typing this I use 1280x1024 and Dale.font/11x9 :-)

Other programs by Deniil 715! can be found on OnyxSoft homepage at:

Feel free to mail me if you found bugs or have suggestions!

Contents of text/bfont/Dale_font.lha
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
[generic]                   80    2084   3.8% -lh5- 94af Nov 15  2003 Dale.font/Dale.font
[generic]                 1797    3634  49.4% -lh5- 6e40 Nov 15  2003 Dale.font/Dale.readme
[generic]                 1900    3120  60.9% -lh5- 36c8 Oct 11  1996 Dale.font/Dale/10
[generic]                 2400    3872  62.0% -lh5- f16d Nov 15  2003 Dale.font/Dale/11
[generic]                 2040    3564  57.2% -lh5- 5d05 Aug 17  2003 Dale.font/Dale/11x8
[generic]                 2453    4128  59.4% -lh5- f002 Nov  9  2003 Dale.font/Dale/12
[generic]                 1149    1728  66.5% -lh5- 45e8 Jun 14  1998 Dale.font/Dale/5
[generic]                  684    1656  41.3% -lh5- 47a3 Nov  8  1996 Dale.font/Dale/6
[generic]                 1562    2744  56.9% -lh5- a68a Sep  2  1992 Dale.font/Dale/8
---------- ----------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ -------------
 Total         9 files   14065   26530  53.0%            Dec 17  2003

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